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August - October

Wildflower Drive

August - October

From late winter to early spring, a vast array of beautiful and unusual wildflowers, shrubs and trees to be found along the Corrigin Wildflower Drive. The entrance of the drive is located approximately 5km west (Perth) of Corrigin townsite, opposite the Corrigin Dog Cemetery.


The drive is a wide, graded gravel track roughly 4.1km long. Caravans can go on the track. Visitors are encouraged to get out of the car and look closer. It is asked that the car be parked to the left-hand side of the track so others can get by and please take care of where you step.


Hundreds of different plants are to be seen including feather flowers, leschenaultias, grevilleas, mallees, smoke bushes and tall eucalypts which give a fantastic range of colours. Spring flowering orchids include donkeys. cowslips, mantis, blue beard, spiders, shells, snails and greenhoods. Search for orchids and flowers in the topsoil and under leaf litter.

Remember that the picking of wildflowers is prohibited by law throughout Western Australia.

For up-to-date information about what you can see on the Wildflower Drive and other hot spots in the area, call into the Corrigin Community Resource Centre located at 55 Larke Crescent, Corrigin. 

Open 9am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 9063 2778

Share your experience with us!

Tag @comeexplore_corrigin on Instagram in all your Wildflower Adventures!

If you find any flowers before we do, let us know through Facebook or email, by sending us your photos and information. Please provide your name and if known, the botanical name of the wildflowers in your image/s. Sharing your short videos of significant wildflower displays are encouraged with information of location and species if known.

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